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New Book by Dan & Patty Juster

Weekly Torah Commentary - B'Shalach
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There once was a town that built a large square park surrounded by restaurants from many nations. The town required that each restaurant offer excellent quality food and a large variety of menu items that were authentic or indigenous to an ethnic group or country. Restaurants competed. Judges tasted foods and then voted on who would get the contracts to be part of the Food Square. Many wonderful cuisines were present: German, French, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Argentinian, Brazilian, Mexican, Ethiopian, Morrocan, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and others ...

All the restaurant owners were in a cooperative association together. Several times a year they held a magnificent outdoor food fair. Patrons struggled to avoid gluttony. The fair gave citizens a taste of the various flavors and menus. Competition was friendly. The restaurants prospered, and the square was nicely kept up and maintained ... Then one day the town elected a new mayor ...

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Weekly Torah commentary: B'Shalach
    Behold, I am raining bread for you from heaven; and let the people go out and let them gather the days matter each day.'
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