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Just before the Feast of Shavuot this year, Israel's justice minister, Tzipi Livni, performed a wedding for two gay men. Such ceremonies are not legally recognized by the State of Israel thanks to Orthodox Jewish political power. So there is a barrier to embracing homosexual marriage. For this, I am grateful. Yet, homosexuality is a real problem in Israel. Tel Aviv is said to be a world homosexual capital. 130,000 people including 30,000 visitors attended the annual gay pride week in Tel Aviv in June. Pray for Israel ...
Parallel to this, a professed Evangelical leader, Rob Bell, asserted that it is time for Evangelicals to embrace homosexual marriage. He has trotted out the tired old pro-homosexual argument that the Bible is not really speaking against homosexual physical relationships, but cult prostitution. This is simply made up, a total myth. Yes, cult prostitution was a problem in the ancient world, but the biblical texts are clearly addressing sexual relationships and not cult prostitution ...

Bell said, "The ship has sailed", implying that in order to be relevant we should conform to the dominant culture. In recent years, the majority in many Western countries has moved from being strongly opposed to homosexual marriage, to accepting it. The power of the media elite in culture formation has been stunning. The mainline Presbyterian Church just approved gay marriage and at the same time passed motions calling for disinvestment from companies whose products were said to foster the occupation of Palestinian territory ...

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Weekly Torah commentary: Ki Tetze
    When a camp goes out against your enemies, you shall keep yourselves from any evil matter.
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