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Weekly Torah Commentary - Ki Tissa
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In early December, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for new elections to be held on March 17. He could no longer tolerate the behavior of his parliamentary coalition partners. Those on the right criticized him for yielding to the Palestinians. Those on the left criticized him for not yielding to gain peace with the Palestinians. Even Netanyahu's closest allied partner in this government, Avigdor Lieberman, was very critical of his Gaza war policy. There is no other country I know of where the cabinet ministers publicly criticize the head of government! Ah, the uniqueness of Israel ...

Without going into the details, I think the Prime Minister was correct in his policy during the latest round of combat in Gaza, to defeat Hamas but not to re-conquer and govern Gaza. However, there are also urgent unsolved social problems in Israel, especially the price of housing and welfare costs for the ultra Orthodox (many of whom are given taxpayer money to study and not work). These issues cause great division within Israeli society. I think the Prime Minister has been weak on dealing with these issues. His call for elections will probably not produce a better coalition, even if he wins, which now seems to be in question. Public opinion, admittedly a very fickle indicator of the actual outcome, seems to have swung away from Netanyahu since the election announcement ...

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Weekly Torah commentary: Ki Tissa
    Please walk, my Master, in our midst ... and may You forgive our iniquity and our sins and acquire us as a possession.
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