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This article was first published here on May 27th 2018.
Avi Tekle
Avi Tekle
Leader of Tents of Mercy Congregation

Sometimes we as believers invent words. Like discipleship. We don't actually see this word mentioned anywhere in Scripture, yet we have received it as a Biblical term, and its meaning is definitely in God's heart. So what does it really mean?

Marriage seminar

It means more than becoming a follower of Yeshua. It means becoming like the One we follow, "God-likeness." That is our destiny. (Luke 6:40, I John 3:2)

This year at Tents of Mercy we have been focusing on discipleship deeply and seriously. We are concentrating on mentoring and equipping the different groups of our community - from the youth, to the young adults, to the young couples, to the mature couples. Much of the first half of the year was spent reviewing "God-likeness" from various angles. Then we took different groups to do focused weekend-equipping retreats. One such group was the young couples. In mid-February, 15 couples gathered near the Sea of Galilee for a marriage seminar weekend. Those days were a time of refreshing insight and vision for a "God-like" marriage. (See photo)

Young adults

Now we are working with the young adults, ages 18-30. These young believers carry a great promise of revival, yet they are facing some intense struggles. Some of their challenges are caused by army service, living in a highly secular society or just being the target of an enemy who does not want the realization of God's promises for their generation (Psalms 24:6-10). We are certain that with the right tools, this generation will be used by God to bring revival to Israel. So we are starting a year-long program called "Kelim"1 for young adults, which will include four weekend retreats. It will begin in July and continue through March of 2019. We will be equipping in four essential areas: walking with the Lord, identity, calling and relationships.

It is amazing! Although there were many people whom Yeshua complimented for their faith, knowledge, or good deeds, yet He only commissioned and sent out those whom He discipled. That says a lot about God's heart for training for "God-likeness." In order to fully realize our gifting, calling and destiny we must not bypass, but rather grasp the opportunities God provides for training and equipping. That is why we also feel led and inspired to focus on equipping the next generation for their promising destiny.

"Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is" (I John 3:1-3).

1 Kelim is a Hebrew word meaning "instruments" or "weapons" in Biblical Hebrew and "tools" in Modern Hebrew.

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5:17pm 29May18, Nicole: This is an amazing catalyst. May YHVH bless you in it. Is the Kelim program open for youth from other countries? I would love to see my son come and learn from you if he is willing.

6:07pm 31May18, Wayne Fleming: Praise God! and thanks for such a wonderful article, to God Be The Glory!!!

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