Tikkun International - Isreal's Restoration
Discipleship Mentoring Project
by David, Olive Tree Ranch
April, 2018 - Volume 27, Issue 04

The Olive Tree Ranch, under the supervision of Tents of Mercy, has been conducting discipleship mentoring projects for the last seven years. This initiative is geared especially to serve IDF soldiers who have recently completed their mandatory service. It is a great way for them to "breathe" and heal after their intense years in the army. For two months we teach them to hear from God and study His Word while living and working in a rural communal environment.

We recently completed our annual session with four young men participating. During daily group devotionals we did in-depth studies of the book of Hebrews and the Gospel of John. In addition each person shared insights from his personal reading.

Some highlights included us gaining understanding together regarding the role of the Torah as "teacher" (Galatians 3:24), trusting Yeshua's judgement as the righteous judge who sees the heart of every last person (Genesis 18:25, Acts 10:42) and putting our confidence in Godalone (John 5:44-46).

In addition to their spiritual enrichment, the young men served several hours a day in harvesting and pruning olive trees as well as in goat farming/husbandry.


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There have been comments to this article ...

04:44pm 29Mar18, Liv Hicks: Great work!

01:49am 03May18, Suzanna: Thank YOU! I am so happy to read of many forms of ministry all over Israel, ever since I was first made aware of the Godly ministry of 'Tents of Israel' many years ago. It is very humbling to see so many forms of ministry especially individual care, like this one. As things change in the Middle East, it is so good to know many Messianics are being prepared for challenges, like Jeremiah 30:1 -7 resulting in Eze 38:23!!!

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