Each and Every One
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This summer 80 youth participated in the national Katzir-Harvest teen camp and conference. At times some of us on the staff can't help but observe these teenagers and think that they are still so young - too young - and that they still have so much to learn in life ...

In spite of what we think or know, God has special plans for each and every one of them. They only need a safe place where they can get emptied of themselves and full of the infinite love of God, and that is what we try to create at the Katzir conferences.

During the latest conference there was a wonderful opportunity for the teens to open their hearts in small groups. We encouraged them to discover who they are in truth - beyond the image others may have of them, or that they may be projecting - and to recognize what is truly happening in their lives. In these discussions, God began working and touching them in their open-ness. Their hearts were so changed that in one of the evening meetings 23 teens came up front to receive Yeshua!

Afterward, that which the teens received, they also gave. The theme of the conference was, "Freely you have received, freely give." In the spirit of this command, we went out onto the main streets of Tel Aviv to share the Good News. There were amazing testimonies about strangers being willing to not only listen, but also receive prayer and blessing from these teens, right there in public!

At times it seems to us that teens don't "get it", yet we are witness to the way that God's spirit is expanding and transforming them from the inside out. The Katzir team loves to work with and serve these teenagers because we know they are in the process of becoming the ones who will soon enough teach, evangelize, be sent out, and pastor - because God has a plan for each and every one of them!

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