March, 2018 Volume: 27, Issue: 03 
This article was first published here on March 5th 2018.

The word Shaliach, , has several meanings in modern Hebrew: apostle, public servant, anyone with a sense of divine mission or purpose, and even ... a delivery man.

The two of us were sitting in Asher's home recently talking about some of the controversy concerning the renewal of apostolic and prophetic ministry in Israel today when Ron received a phone call from someone trying to make a delivery to his home. The delivery man was speaking so loudly that Asher could hear the whole conversation.

Ron had ordered a new blender for his kitchen. The delivery man showed up at his home, but of course Ron wasn't there. So he called to make arrangements and asked if he could leave it with a neighbor. Ron agreed.

While still on the line, the delivery man knocked on the door, and Ron's neighbor called out through the closed door, "Who is it?" The delivery man answered loudly, "Shaliach, shaliach."

We looked at each other and broke out laughing. For us as Israelis, it seemed like a divine joke with a potent and humbling message: if the guy delivering a blender can scream that he is a "shaliach", then maybe we shouldn't be "screaming" so loud about apostles and prophets in the church today—the potential for pride is just too great.

Let's take the whole issue down a few levels of humility. At the end of the day (at least in Israel), even a delivery man can be an "apostle", and a true apostle is nothing more than God's errand boy.

One day an alcoholic man, 50 years old and very sick in body, came to Beit HaYeshua rehabilitation center. He stayed just 2 weeks and wonderfully received salvation. He was full of joy, smiling and totally changed. However, soon afterwards he passed away! Roni, who co-leads the rehabilitation ministry, met the father of the deceased, a believer. The father, even though grieving, rejoiced that his prayers had been answered and his son saved.

All recovering addicts who attend the center are members of the linked congregation.

While the state rehab system sees less than a 1% recovery rate from drugs and alcohol after 5 years, Beit HaYeshua sees 65% of those who finish our one-year program (pictured) still free after 5 years - to the glory of Yeshua.

Please pray for the continued complete healing of many drug and alcohol addicts - spirit, soul, and body.

to support the work of Revive Israel.

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8:39am 06Mar18, MB: Thank you for these short articles. They are so helpful, especially because I know I don't need to set aside a lot of time to read them. Being short and impactful is a great blessing - thank you!

1:13pm 06Mar18, Joy C. Lyle: So grateful! The Father in Heaven was so merciful to this man and his Father! He answers our prayers we pray in Yeshua's Name!!

3:05pm 06Mar18, SC: I totally agree with you! I do genealogy research for my family, not to find out who I am because I know already, I am a child of God. To me it is interesting to study the history, find out who became a believer, etc. Plus you learn there is nothing new under the sun in human nature. This is why Yeshua willingly gave up His life for all of us past, current and future.

8:50am 19Mar18, Mark: My wife and I minister at residential drug and alcohol recovery center. So many will begin to weep when they hear us say that Jesus does not hate them for their failures, that he loves them so much that he bore their shame, guilt, and all the punishment for their sins on the cross. We always witness God's mighty power when ministering to these hurting, broken men and women who have no idea how much they are loved by God!

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