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"Project Eagle has revealed a great hunger for more fellowship, more of God's Word and more answers ..."

We at Return to Zion Congregation believe that in order to receive good fruit, one must spend time sowing, watering and cultivating. After these tasks are completed comes the joy of seeing the fruit produced by our labors.

With this in mind, we have been gradually developing Project Eagle since 2015. The project provides a time of refreshing and renewal for Messianic young people who have recently completed their compulsory service in the Israeli Defense Forces. Through the project they are given the opportunity to receive renewal and discipleship in the beautiful setting of Norway, as well as the opportunity to meet young Norwegian believers.

Project Eagle has revealed a great hunger for more fellowship, more of God's Word and more answers to the many questions asked by this special generation. We read in I John 2:14, "I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one." According to this verse the younger generation has a special place in the eyes of God. He has committed into their hands, the sword, which is the Word of the Lord. They must use that sword expertly in order to obtain victory against the enemy. We see this victory only occasionally in our midst. This fact should compel us to invest greater efforts in each of the young people in our congregations, that we might see good fruit in their lives - including them becoming the servant leaders of the next generation.

In response to this need, we decided to further develop the local aspect of Project Eagle with weekend gatherings every few months. Our most recent meeting took place in January. Young people from four different congregations participated. We hiked the trails of Mount Carmel. We learned how to study the Scriptures. We welcomed the Sabbath with fellowship and praise. We served the congregation. All of this we did with great joy.

Another special outcome of the project is the engagement of Noam and Rachel, two Israelis who became acquainted when they attended last year's month long summer program! This is a wonderful gift for the program and the body of Messiah in the land. We pray a rich bounty of God's blessings over them.

Once again I would like to encourage us all to devote ourselves to our young people. Let's teach and encourage them that they may each find their place in the family of Messiah and bear much good fruit.

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By Yevgeni Stanukevich
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