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Usage Policy

You are free to use this website subject to the following conditions of usage:

  1. All the material on the website may be read and used for the normal purposes of on-line viewing, free of charge and without restriction.
  2. Copyright exists in all the material on this website and is owned by Tikkun Ministries International unless otherwise explicitly stated. This copyright extends to the images, logos, layout and presentation styles as well as the text material.
  3. You may not copy material from the Website without permission. Requests for small-scale permission should be addressed to the Webmaster and will normally be granted subject to the material remaining in a suitable format and including appropriate attribution. Requests for large-scale, ministry or commercial use should be addressed to the Secretary who will forward the request to the Board for approval, terms and conditions, and assessment of any fee.

Privacy Policy

We want to be good and careful stewards of the data with which we have been entrusted by you, our readers and supporters. It important that we tell you what personal data we may hold about you and how that is processed. We want you to feel that you can trust us to hold and use your data securely and in ways with which you agree.

We collect personal data from you in the following ways:

  1. if you explicitly give it to us by requesting to receive communications such as newsletters or prayer letters, by email or physical mail, using sign-up forms on the websites of Tikkun or any of its daughter ministries, by post or by making voice contact with our office staff

  2. if you explicitly give it to us by entering into a financial transaction with us by making a donation to one of our ministries or purchasing a book, an audio or visual recording, or some other resource or product

  3. if you explicitly give it to us by interacting with our websites in such ways as making comments or replying to our content

The following is a summary of the personal data which we hold and the way in which we use it:

  1. We hold the email and physical addresses of those people who have asked to receive our newsletters, prayer letters or other forms of communication. We ask you to review this on a regular basis so that the data is up-to-date and under your control.

    We share your email address, first and last name (if you have given them to us) with our chosen third-party bulk email provider (such as Constant Contact or MailChimp) in order to send you newsletters, prayer letters, other ministry updates and/or promotional material for which you have given us permission by email. This data is stored by them in the cloud and they have undertaken to store it securely and not to share it with any other third party. We will endeavour to ensure that your name and email address will always appear in the email headers and that each email is personally addressed to you within the content by your name (if you have shared that with us). All emails carry opt-out or sign-off instructions.

    We do use a third-party print-and-post service to print and send physical mail to you and provide them with a copy of the name and address details on each occasion that they need to generate the mailing on our behalf. They always destroy this list immediately after use. All physical mail will bear your name and address on the outside - as required by various postal services for delivery - but may not be personalised internally.

  2. We hold some financial details - such as dates, amounts and designations - for you if you make a donation or a purchase from Tikkun or one of its associated daughter ministries. We do not hold any account details - such as credit or debit cards, or bank accounts - as these transactions are processed for us by secure third-party financial services who provide a firewall between you and ourselves. We hold this data so that we can allocate the funds in the way that you have requested (and as approved and directed by the Tikkun board) and send you both an immediate acknowledgement of your donation and an annual summary that you may use for tax purposes if your national government allows. These details are held in a third-party proprietory cloud-storage product called DonorPerfect, a tool we used to document, manage, control and maximise donation flow.

  3. If you make a donation to one of the daughter ministries in the Tikkun Global Family of ministries, we will share your contact information with that ministry - so that they can add you to their mailing list and keep you updated with their work. Each time you make a donation, you will be required to affirm permission to share your details in that way. On-line donations may not be made without affirmative data sharing consent. To make anonymous donations, you will need to ring the office and ask to donate anonymously.

  4. Our newsletter and other emails contain tracking links so that we can tell who has opened our email and what newsletter or other articles have been read. We use this data to assess our readers' response to and interaction with the content that we provide so as to help us generate content that is useful and appropriate for our readership as a whole.

In all cases, any names, addresses or other details that you have shared with us are carefully maintained and will be used only for the purposes for which they were given, or for sending you details of the ministry's other activities. Under no circumstances will any personal data that we hold be sold to, shared with, or divulged to any third parties (except as described above) outside the Tikkun Global Family of ministries save as required by statute.

We will always remove your name and address from any or all of our contact lists upon request, although we will usually ask you to confirm your intention by email to prevent accidental or malicious action. Please send an email to the Tikkun webmaster if you want to initiate that process: webmaster@tikkunministries.org

We will also be happy to provide you with a copy of any personal data that we may hold about you and allow you to correct any mistakes of inaccuracies. You should direct any enquiries to our office staff: info@tikkuninternational.org

To protect you and the reputation of our domain and email servers, if you report any of our emails as spam to your service provider, we will instantly remove your email address from all of our ministry family lists and never use it again for any form of communication with you. If you do this by accident, and wish to continue receiving email from us, you will need to give us a different email address that we can use.

Tikkun Ministries International, PO Box 2997, Gaithersburg, MD 20886-2997 • Phone: (301) 695-1315 • Email: info@tikkuninternational.org
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