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Dan & Patty serve towards:
  1. Supporting the work of Revive Israel and Ohalei Rachamim in Israel
  2. Networking with other leaders in the Land of Israel to help carry the vision of the unity of the Body of Messiah in Israel
  3. Supporting and establishing congregations in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv connected to Revive Israel, and Haifa connected to Ohalei Rachamim
  4. Establishing a base in Jerusalem for discipleship training of young Israelis connected to Revive Israel
  5. Training, sending out and supporting congregation planters in the USA, Israel and other nations
  6. Fostering Jewish ministry in local churches
  7. Helping to support Bible Schools which train leaders; presently there are schools in Ukraine, Russie, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Argentina and Israel
  8. Sending people to preach and teach in conferences, evangelistic campaigns and Messianic congregations and churches