Zion's Glory Update
April 7 2015

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Dear Faithful Friend,

The Feast of Passover, perhaps the biggest holiday of the year in Israel, is in full swing. It is on this biblically mandated Feast that Israel stops to remember God's faithfulness to his people at the time of the Exodus from Egypt. As all Israel proclaims during the holiday Seder, it was not an angel that God sent to deliver this nation but He himself came. It was not through man's wisdom or strength but it was by signs and wonders that Israel was liberated from the cruel Egyptian bondage and started on their journey to the Promised Land.

And that journey which began so long ago is still continuing today. God set a destiny in place for this nation and although the very powers of Hell endeavor to prevent its fulfillment, He who promised is faithful. Israel traveled through the dry and thirsty desert for forty years before arriving in the land that God had promised to Abraham. And then, sadly, after years of disobedience, they were cast out and for two thousand years, Israel suffered separate and apart from their "Promised Land". But now, Israel is once again home and with God's help, we will see that wonderful destiny fulfilled which He ordained so long ago.

As Passover draws near, the nation is gripped with anticipation. The shops throughout the cities and towns of Israel overflow onto the streets with gift baskets that will be brought to those who are hosting the holiday meal known as the "Seder". Supermarkets are gridlocked with carts overflowing with food for the sumptuous dinner that will be prepared to feed the hungry guests. Houses and cars are scoured clean to ensure that there is no remnant of yeast hidden in any corner. Supermarkets cover large sections of their shelves with white plastic sheets, separating the dreaded "Chametz" from the holiday shoppers.

And then, finally, on the evening of the big day, at exactly 6:00pm, the highways of Israel are jammed with cars as half of the nation travels to the other half who are hosting the holiday gathering. Throughout the nation, families and friends gather and again as has been done for so many thousands of years, the story of that first Passover is retold. The Hagada is read, children sing the "four questions" as they ask and answer why this night is different from all others. The tale of the four sons is retold. Four cups of wine are served. The symbols of the Feast are lifted up and explained as Israel remembers that defining moment that transformed a nation of slaves into a people of destiny.

One of the wonderful things about Passover is that it is a holiday that is observed for seven days. There will be another family gathering on the last evening but for the six days between the first and last day of Passover, Israel takes a week long break. Normal life stops. Government offices and schools are closed. Many people only work half days and the nation's parks and recreation areas are overflowing as people enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

Friday at sunset, the Passover holiday will come to an end. The nation's bakeries will reopen after the Shabbat and bread dealers will line the streets selling their goods. The plastic will be torn down from the supermarket shelves and the children will return to school. As Israel has done for 4,500 years, the nation will have kept its appointment with God to remember their momentous Exodus from Egypt.

In Messiah

For those of us who believe, Passover is not just about remembering the exodus from Egypt but it was on this day that Yeshua was crucified as an eternal offering to set us free from sin and death. This year the Christian and Jewish calendar coincided and on this weekend, the city of Jerusalem was filled with Christian pilgrims who came to honor the Lamb of God, Yeshua who was sacrificed on this day and rose again on Sunday.

On that day His feet will touch the mountains of Jerusalem, His Kingdom will be established and the journey that began so many thousands of years before will finally reach its fullfillment.

We wish you a joyous Passover as we remember God's faithfulness to Israel and His all surpassing victory as Yeshua rose from the dead.

We send you our love from Zion,

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