Zion's Glory Update
June 7 2015

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Dear Faithful Friend,

It had been a busy Shabbat. Our congregation, Ahavat Yeshua gathered for the weekly meeting which began at 11:00 am. Our beautiful and new "Celebration Hall" was filled with people. Our youth group team led worship and the entire congregation joined in as God's anointing flowed from these gifted teenagers.

As in the days of the early church in Jerusalem, Jewish believers were joined by those from the nations in worship to the King. As the praises ascended to heaven, the weariness of a long and difficult week faded and the presence of God refreshed His Body.

At just the right moment, the Torah was removed from the Ark and the children of Israel honored that which been given to them so long ago. Different members, both older and younger, shared in the privilege of reading God's word from the Torah scroll in the original Hebrew.

A message was preached and lives were impacted. The meeting climaxed as the congregation came forward and cried out to God to be transformed into the same mindset that allowed the ancients like Abraham, David, Elijah and Joshua to face the giants in their lives and yet overcome and be victorious. We face many of those same "giants" here in the city of Jerusalem and we need to stand as they did on the promises of God.

As always, the meeting was followed by a time of food and fellowship. Edmund, who prayed to receive Yeshua last week, sat and spoke with several believers. It was his first meeting and he was touched by God who is calling him from death to life. Ada, a young woman who recently left her home in Russia to become a part of regathered Israel was talking with a group of younger women. Throughout the room, the all important work of relationship building was crowning what had been a blessed gathering of His Body.

Honoring a Friend

We returned home for a brief hour and then had the joy of celebrating the 70th birthday of a dear friend and brother in the Lord. Itsik was born in Morocco and came to Israel as a young man. He lived as a member of a kibbutz for many years, fought in several of Israel's wars and has given most of his life to help see this nation raised up from the ruins of World War II. Together with his children, grandchildren, friends and other believers, we celebrated his life and friendship.

Under Attack

We came home ready for some rest, but the day's events were not yet finished. Suddenly, the alarms went off on our telephones warning us that a rocket attack was being launched against Israel. For the third time in two weeks, a terrorist group from the Gaza Strip was attacking the sleeping city of Ashkelon. In a scenario that is sadly too familiar, Israelis fled into their bomb shelters. By God's grace, the missiles exploded in open fields around the city and there was no damage.

Israel responded quickly and as we slept, young Israeli soldiers boarded their aircraft and carried out a retaliatory attack. This morning the headlines were filled with stories of this most recent escalation of violence against Israel.

And so the ongoing story of God's faithfulness to Israel was lived out through another day. The remnant of those who believe in Yeshua had assembled together. One of the many who has returned to his ancient homeland of Israel celebrated his wonderful life. The enemies of God's promises had attacked us and by God's grace, Israel stood strong against those who would try to destroy this land.


We thank you for your ongoing prayer. Please join us as we continue to labor to see the Body of Messiah manifest all of God's glory and power in this day in the city of Jerusalem.

Pray for our congregation, Ahavat Yeshua. The battles are many but God's grace is greater than all the plans and strategies of the enemy.

Please continue to pray for the security situation in Israel. Last week Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon promised to disrupt the lives of millions of Israelis in their next attack against Israel. They possess thousands and even tens of thousands of rockets and missiles that are all aimed at this nation.

In a typical statement, Hamas which controls the Gaza Strip accused Israel of escalating tensions as this nation responded to the recent unprovoked rocket attacks. The long and difficult war that filled our lives last summer is still very fresh in our hearts and minds.

Please pray that the current situation would not spiral into another war.

And finally, please pray against the BDS (Boycott Disinvest Sanctions) movement that is gaining favor throughout the world. This antisemitic movement enjoyed a successful action this past week when Orange, a huge communications company announced that they were going to terminate their long and fruitful connection with Israel. This campaign of lies against Israel is very dangerous and poses yet another very real threat against this nation.

We praise God that in the end the truth will overcome the lie and that God's goodness and power will protect this tiny nation.

And we praise God that we are not alone but that you are standing with us. By His grace and your support, we will live out the wonderful destiny that God has for us.

We send you our love from Zion,

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