Zion's Glory Update
September 7 2018

The following is a Zion's Glory prayer update from Eddie and Jackie Santoro in Israel. We encourage you to forward it to whomever you think might be interested in the following information. It is sent out in conjunction with a monthly newsletter. If you are currently not receiving this information and would like to become a regular subscriber, please forward your name, email and address to us at esant777@gmail.com

Dear Faithful Friend,

Summer is over and the season of the Fall Feasts are upon us. This year, the three major Fall Feasts all occur in the month of September. Sunday evening, September 9th, begins "Rosh Hashanah" which is a two day holiday traditionally considered the beginning of the New Year. It is a festive celebration marked by big family dinners. The meal is ended as apples dipped in honey are eaten with wishes for a sweet and healthy New Year. The Rabbis also teach that this is the day that Adam and Eve were created. In the Bible, this holiday is called "Yom Teruah" or "Day of Trumpets" and is marked in the synagogues with the blowing of the shofar throughout the days.

Ten days later, we observe the very solemn Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) in which the entire nation stops for twenty four hours to seek forgiveness for sin committed throughout the year. Many people fast on this day and go to to synagogue services. This is always a very special time as the whole nation comes to a standstill - no driving cars, no television, no radio - for a brief moment, the nation is quiet. As believers in the Land, we devote this time to interceding and praying for the salvation of our people. Yom Kippur ends with the last, great shofar blast which for us, prophetically announces the coming of our King and Savior, Yeshua.

Immediately after Yom Kippur comes to an end at sundown, it is traditional to begin building a Succah in preparation for the Feast of Tabernacles. This is another very festive time and families will often eat all their meals in the Succah. Some of the more radical will sleep in the Succah to fulfill the commandment of the Lord to live in the booths seven days so as to remember that God had the Israelites live in booths when he took them out of Egypt. Prophetically we also look to the time after the return of the Lord when all the nations of the earth will come up to Jerusalem during this Feast to worship Messiah Yeshua.

We will be celebrating Rosh Hashanah and the beginning of this holiday season with family and friends coming to our house. We are grateful to the Lord that against all the odds he has brought us to this season. Together with our loved ones, we will declare the reality of our God and the wonder and love that he pours upon us. How good he is! For two days, the nation will relax and enjoy family time as there is no work, all the stores are closed and there is no public transportation until Tuesday evening. You can imagine how crowded the supermarkets have been in preparation!

So today we want to take this moment and wish you a blessed and Happy New Year and may it be a year of breakthrough! Although the rest of the world does not celebrate this season, we trust that you will have a special time during all of these wonderful Feast days. We bless you on this day as we join together to remember all that God has done for his people. May we feel his love in increasing measure and may each of us shine brighter each day in our unsaved nations, as we declare the wonder of Yeshua in all of our lives.

We send you our love from Zion,

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