Zion's Glory Update
July 12 2015

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Dear Faithful Friend,

Relationships - The Foundation

Brothers and sisters in the Lord relating to each other in love is foundational in the Kingdom of God.

When Yeshua started his ministry, he devoted three years to building relationships. When the time came to step into his public ministry, the very first thing he did was to choose twelve men with whom he would share his life. He walked with them in intimacy and together they experienced every facet of his life. Their lives joined together in him enabled them to be transformed into the men and women who would fulfill the high calling that he had put before them.

After these three years of deep and committed relationship with his disciples, he came to his last moments on earth. There were so many things that he might have done in this time but he chose to have a final meal with those whom he loved. And after that Passover Seder together, after He died and rose from the dead, the investment of his life and time to those few resulted in a manifestation of God's love that fills the earth even until this day.

Relationship and Our Wonderful History

This fundamental principal that is so exemplified in the life of Yeshua has been the primary goal of our life and ministry here in Israel. Over nine years ago, God called us to help establish Congregation Ahavat Yeshua in the heart of Jerusalem. Before that we had invested nine years in helping raise up and lead Congregation Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv. In both cases, from the beginning, the focus of our ministry was people. We were there to love and serve them and to be faithful in our relationships with them. It was not to an organization that we called them but to a community filled with His love.

From those first days so long ago, our home has been their home. Our table has always been filled with brothers and sisters with whom we "eagerly desired" to break bread and share our lives. Yes, we taught them and we counseled them, helped them financially and served them. But underlying it all, the thing we offered and the blessing that we enjoyed were lives joined together in love.

And So Today

We have just returned from an amazing weekend retreat with our congregation in the far north of Israel, just a few kilometers from the Syrian border. Over the two precious days, we devoted our time to being together. We worshipped together, ate together and toured together. We swam together and prayed together. Brothers and sisters who did not know each other so well had opportunities to form and deepen relationships. New believers connected with older believers. Children played games together and parents sat and spent time together.

The importance and significance of this event cannot be exaggerated. We believe that as we grow in love one for another, the power and glory of Messiah Yeshua will also be manifest in a deeper and more wonderful way in our congregation. And as we grow in his love, that same love will ultimately overflow into the unsaved city of Jerusalem.

Our Weekend Retreat

Small Groups

We have nearly 150 people coming together in our congregation and our weekly meetings have been consistently developing and maturing. It is a joy to come together each week and experience what God is doing and saying - but it is not enough! We realize that apart from the deep and personal relationships between brothers and sisters, the glory and purposes of God that we so desire to see can not be accomplished. We believe that the development of small groups is vital for the continuing progress of the congregation. It is only in small groups that each person can feel really connected and know that his life is an important and integral part of the whole.

For more than a year, many young adults have participated in the "Do IT" meeting twice a month to help shape and direct our congregation. They also share in the deep desire to see these small groups come to life and have committed themselves as a group to learn and prepare for this to happen. I will also be encouraging older men and women to consider giving themselves to accomplishing this all important goal.

We feel that this is the most important next step for our congregation. We also know that the implementation and success of these small groups will be a great challenge as there are many things, both spiritual and natural which war against this vision, especially in this intense and complex city of Jerusalem. We need your help in standing with us in prayer.

Please join with us in praying for the establishment of small and intimate groups in Ahavat Yeshua.

Pray that our leadership would be united and of one heart in this endeavor. Pray that God would anoint us as we teach and encourage the congregation in this direction. Pray that the Lord would show us the right timing to bring all this to pass.

And, finally, please pray that as men and women are deeply joined together in love and caring for each other, that a new wave of God's Glory would sweep through Ahavat Yeshua and impact the unbelieving world that surrounds us.

We thank you for your love and faithfulness. We do believe that as we stand together as one in Messiah, the best is yet to come.

We send you our love from Zion,

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