Zion's Glory Update
October 14 2015

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Dear Faithful Friend,

It was early Tuesday morning. The Palestinian Authority had declared a "Day of Rage" against Israel and forced all the shopkeepers to close their stores and other workers to stay home. The young people, fueled by social media, were encouraged to skip school and express their hatred toward Israel and the Jews in a violent way.

The morning dawned with bright sunshine and cool temperatures. In the natural it looked as if it might be a beautiful day. The week before had seen an increase in the violence against Israeli citizens with multiple attacks just the day before. The hope that this day would be different faded very quickly.

The first nine years that we lived in Israel were in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ra'anana and another nearby town. Over all the eighteen years that we have been here, there have been wars, intifada rebellions, innumerable terror attacks but there has never been anything in the beautiful and peaceful town of Ra'anana.

That all changed yesterday. Early in the morning, an East Jerusalem resident traveled to that small city. At 7:30 AM, at a crowded bus stop, he pulled a huge knife and stabbed an older man who was waiting for the bus. Immediately the surrounding crowd jumped on him and held him to the ground until the police arrived. Several hours later, a second Palestinian pulled a knife in another part of town wounding four people, one seriously.

One hour later in Jerusalem, two young Palestinians boarded a public bus. They pulled guns and knives and before the dark horror was finished, two were dead and 16 wounded. A short time later, in the center of the city, a young Palestinian worker from the national telephone company crashed his company car into a bus stop. When the vehicle stopped, he jumped out and started to attack the people reeling from the crash. This time one person was killed and another wounded.

On the Gaza border, a large mob of Palestinians broke through the security fence and started to pour into Israel. The army pushed them back with much force using rubber bullets and tear gas with no casualties.

The day continued with other attacks and violent riots throughout much of the nation. Tuesday finally came to a painful end with three Israelis killed and over 20 wounded.

Sadly, this is nothing new. Much of the recent violence is based on the recurring lie that Israel is trying to take over the Temple Mount. Nothing is further from the truth as the government is committed to keeping the status quo.

A Day of Violence in Israel

The rioters today were primarily young people who have been poisoned by the unending hate and lie filled campaigns that control the Palestinian internet. This generation is disillusioned with the PA, hates Israel and has no hope for the future, as their governing organization has done nothing to actually try and build a real nation. They have been overtaken by a spirit of hopelessness and hatred, victims of Palestinian Authority corruption and abuse which has stolen their dreams from them.

Two days ago, on Monday, in the third attack of that day, two teenage Palestinian brothers, aged 13 and 15, armed with machetes, attacked a young 13 yr old Israeli on his bike, wounding him seriously. One of the young terrorists was killed and one wounded as he fled and was hit by a car. The parents of these brothers refuse to believe that their children could do such a thing and maintain that their son was murdered by the Israelis.

How is Israel responding to all these attacks?

This morning the army was called out to secure the cities and towns of the nation. The increased presence of soldiers on the streets has become a comforting reality. Certain Arab communities and neighborhoods which until now have had open and free access to all of Israel are being separated by armed security checkpoints. Their people are no longer free to enter the central parts of Israel.

And on the streets of Israel?

In Jerusalem, the city is quiet. Many parents are keeping their children home from school. The stores and marketplaces are missing their usual crowds of shoppers. The travel from city to city is made more difficult as security checkpoints on many of the major highways are causing traffic jams. Business is suffering and once again, tourists are wondering if they should cancel their upcoming trip to Israel.

In Ra'anana there is now a new fear that is gripping its peace loving inhabitants. One woman whom we know said that she would no longer walk down the normally crowded and beautiful main street of the city. The many lovely coffee houses and restaurants with outside eating areas are relatively empty. People are afraid to ride the public buses. Those that must, do so with much apprehension.

International Reaction?

The President of the UN condemned Israel for using excessive force against the terrorists! One wonders what he would have liked the NYC police to do if a terrorist was attacking him with a knife as he walked down 5th Avenue. Secretary of State John Kerry linked the increase of violence to Israel's settlement activity. Obviously he has paid no attention to all the blogs and internet incitement that has been urging the young people to "protect" the Temple Mount from Jewish takeover.

As always, the blindness and lies go on unabated. The truth that Israel only wants to live in peace with their neighbors is as always ignored and perverted.

Our Reaction?

We ask you to lift up the current situation in prayer for God's supernatural defense of this nation. Pray that our men, women and children would be protected. Pray that the government, the police and the army would have wisdom on the correct strategy and response. And above all, pray that He who guards Israel, who never sleeps nor slumbers will fulfill His word and his kingdom will be established in Jerusalem.

Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people and although much of the world hates this truth, we will see its destiny fulfilled and its enemies destroyed.

We thank you for your love and support during these most trying times.

We send you our love from Zion,

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