Zion's Glory Update
September 14 2015

The following is a Zion's Glory prayer update from Eddie and Jackie Santoro in Israel. We encourage you to forward it to whomever you think might be interested in the following information. It is sent out in conjunction with a monthly newsletter. If you are currently not receiving this information and would like to become a regular subscriber, please forward your name, email and address to us at esant@netvision.net.il

Dear Faithful Friend,

God is good and his mercy endures forever! Sometimes it takes trials to really appreciate that deep truth. In our lives the all important fact that He is good, that He is for us and that He is right there beside us to help us at every moment is manifest in a glorious way as we pass through some of the greatest challenges we have ever faced personally.

For us this has been the diagnosis of brain cancer. The surgery is almost five weeks behind me and my strength and health are really improving daily. The long list of possible severe damage that could have resulted from the operation never happened but there are still some difficult trials before us.

Sometime in the next few weeks, I will begin simultaneous chemo and radiation therapy. Although 100% of the tumor was removed, the danger of ongoing cancer is very high. Please join us in praying that once again the long list of possible side effects will not manifest and that God will bless these treatments with the complete destruction of all of the cancer cells in my body. God is good and his mercy endures forever!

Jackie and I are devoting ourselves to prayer, worship and the Word. We are walking in faith that "By His stripes I was healed" and believing this truth above the facts that the doctors give to us. We are "fixing our eyes above where Yeshua is seated at the right hand of the Father." Thank you for joining us in this battle. There is no doubt in our hearts that we cannot lose the victory and inheritance that is ours in Yeshua. God is good and his mercy endures forever!

God works all things together for the good

My current medical situation has had a very positive impact on the day to day functioning of the congregation. The young leaders in whom we invested many years of our lives are taking new responsibility upon themselves. The timing was not our plan but we praise God for the fruitfulness and advancement that we are witnessing. We also praise God for the "tidal wave" of love that we have seen sweep the congregation in response to our present trial. Truly that which the enemy meant for harm is being used for the good. God is good and his mercy endures forever!

Once again the meeting this last Shabbat was amazing. Our new congregational home in the heart of Jerusalem was packed full. The growth we are seeing is not just in numbers but in an increase of anointing in worship, in the Word and in the gifts of the spirit. Please keep praying! We believe that our congregation has a mighty destiny and is being prepared to be an end time congregation in the midst of Jerusalem - with signs and wonders evident - bringing in the harvest and hastening the return of the Lord.

Yom Teruah - The Feast of Trumpets and The Jewish New Year

Last night was the beginning of the celebration of the Jewish New Year, that which is biblically called the Feast of Trumpets. This wonderful New Moon holiday will mark the beginning of the High Holy Days. The ten days between this Feast and Yom Kippur are known as the Days of Awe. During this period many Jews in Israel and throughout the world stop to both repent and consider their stand before God.

On the Feast of Yom Kippur, we will be participating with four other congregations in a 24 hour time of prayer and fasting. Together we will cry out for a fresh touch of God's mercy and love for His Body in the coming year. We will also invest hours interceding for the salvation of God's beloved Israel, in addition to interceding for the chaotic situation in the Middle East and throughout the world.

Life from Death and Light from Darkness

As we listen to the traditional shofar blasts during Rosh Hashana, we are reminded that the Book of Revelation declares that before the end, there will be seven heavenly trumpet blasts that will release waves of darkness upon the earth. When we consider the current situation in the world, we know that these times are drawing near. Satan is making his move and we see it clearly in the growing isolation of Israel, the spread of radical Islam, the world wide economic woes, the incredible refugee situation that is imploding on the western nations and the overwhelming immorality as nations turn from Godly values. We are living in a time like no other time in history where evil is being perceived as good and good is considered evil. But the truth is that God is greater and His life and light will be poured out to overcome the darkness.

We want to encourage you that even as we endure some of these current difficulties, both in our personal life and as we look at the world, we must set our eyes above where Yeshua is seated at the right hand of the Father. Satan's darkness will not overcome God's light and truth. Each wave of darkness will be met by a greater wave of God's power so that all who call on His name will overcome and shine with His life. May this certain hope encourage you and empower you as together we manifest the Glory of Yeshua in this day.

And a Blessed New Year to You

We want to wish you all a truly blessed and wonderful 5776. It's been a long time since Abraham entered into the covenant with God and God began to work out his plan to redeem the whole earth. Today we praise God that we are so much closer to the end than the beginning.

May you know His grace, His provision, His healing and His love in the year that lies before us. And may you proclaim with love ... God is good and his mercy endures forever!

We send you our love from Zion,

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