Zion's Glory Update
July 25 2017

The following is a Zion's Glory prayer update from Eddie and Jackie Santoro in Israel. We encourage you to forward it to whomever you think might be interested in the following information. It is sent out in conjunction with a monthly newsletter. If you are currently not receiving this information and would like to become a regular subscriber, please forward your name, email and address to us at esant777@gmail.com

Dear Faithful Friend,

It's been an intense week. The nation is suffering a wave of terror and rioting that started when three Palestinian terrorists opened fire with Egyptian machine guns on police guards near the Temple Mount. The Israeli forces located near the Mosque pursued and killed all the terrorists. The following day, a family was celebrating the birth of their grandson in the settlement town of Halamish. As they were at the table, there was a knock on the door. The family thought it was a friend who had come to share in their joy. They opened the door and a Palestinian terrorist burst in with a large knife and murdered the grandfather and two of his adult children. The grandmother was seriously wounded. An off duty soldier in a nearby house heard the screams, ran to the house and shot and wounded the terrorist who was then arrested by police.

In response to the increasing violence around the Temple Mount, Israel placed metal detectors to prevent terrorists with guns and knives from entering the area. This exercise of Jewish authority infuriated the Palestinian population and much of the Islamic world and has led to days of rioting and more attacks against Jews in Jerusalem and throughout the Middle East. The ongoing riots have been wide spread and intense and there have been numerous victims on both sides.

Yesterday, a Palestinian living in Jordan stabbed an Israeli embassy guard in Amman, Jordan. In his defense, he shot and killed the attacker and another Jordanian national. Here in Israel, an Egged bus driver was attacked with a knife at a food stand in Tel Aviv. He was rushed to the hospital with moderate-to-severe injuries. Today, in an attempt to lower the tensions, Israel agreed to remove the metal detectors and replace them with other invisible, high-tech security systems.

Please join us in prayer at this time. Keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem and endeavor to be a voice of truth in the face of so much incorrect and discriminatory press. Pray that this wave of violence will cease and that tourism will not be affected. Pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government for wisdom, understanding and discernment.

Ordination of a new Elder in Ahavat Yeshua

On Saturday, we had the joy of participating in the ordination of Ariel Blumenthal as the fifth elder in our congregation. Ariel and his wife, Vered and their three young children have recently returned from two years in China, learning the language and building bridges between the Chinese and Israeli Messianic community. Before they left, we had been working very closely with them and they were an invaluable help to us as we pastored Ahavat Yeshua. We rejoiced at their return and for their desire to continue to serve in the congregation.

Please pray for Ariel, Vered and their children. They are a gifted couple in many ways and spend much of their time serving and helping many in the congregation. Ariel is also leading a weekly meeting in his home in Jerusalem, just finished a book on the "One New Man" and serves in Revive Israel in addition to the congregation. Vered is very active with women's activities. Pray that this new position would be an incredible blessing for them as it is for us and they would move forward in God's peace, joy and love.

Hearing God and Responding

And finally, here is a brief and wonderful story. Several days ago, Jackie and I took a dear sister to lunch. As we sat and talked, I noticed a young Israeli couple sitting near us. I felt the Lord say to me that they loved each other but were not married and he wanted me to share the revelation of His "more" wonderful love with them. Three times I heard a clear word from the Lord encouraging me to step out in faith and follow after His heart.

I told Jackie and Tal that God wanted me to speak to the couple sitting across the way. I jumped up and walked over to their table, smiled, introduced myself and we spoke for a few minutes about our lives here in Israel. I asked them if they were married and they said "no" but that they loved each other. At that point I stepped forward in faith and shared with them that I was a Jewish man who believed that Yeshua was Lord and Messiah. I told them that God had spoken to me about them three times. The Holy Spirit started to pour out of me and I shared that God had a "greater" love for them to experience. If they would get to know God's love in Yeshua, their relationship would turn to marriage and they would receive something that was indeed far beyond what they had ever imagined, seen or hoped for.

We continued to talk for a while and at the end, I requested permission to pray for them and their lives together. Without hesitation, they said "yes!" I laid hands on them and loosed the blessings of God. They left with big smiles and by God's grace, they were touched and changed by His love. With joy in my heart, I returned to the table and we finished our wonderful time with Tal.

God's word to me and my word to all of you is to be BOLD. Look at those who are around you, listen for God's direction and step out in faith. We are the light of the world and the time to shine forth in His life is NOW.

We thank you as always for your love and support of Zion's Glory and for your prayers for us in a personal way. To God be the glory. Amen and amen.

We send you our love from Zion,

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