Zion's Glory Update
July 26 2018

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Dear Faithful Friend,

It is the longing of our heart to connect with you. Words can never fully capture how much we appreciate your love and prayers for us. God is our victory and as we stand and move together in his power and love, we will do great exploits! To Him be the glory and to you all the deep appreciation of our hearts.

Border Conflict

The current situation in Israel has been increasingly very tense these last few weeks. There have been rocket alerts almost every day on the Gaza border. In addition, the incendiary balloons and kites have been ongoing, causing continuous fires and much damage to agriculture. Several days ago one of our soldiers was killed when he was struck by a sniper attack. Every incident is responded to by an Israeli attack with damage and casualties inflicted on Hamas. Early today, a rocket from Gaza was shot down with the Iron Dome. This was the latest of nine missile attacks from Gaza in the last few days as Hamas responds to the counter attacks of the Israeli military.

The situation with Gaza and Hamas is very volatile. Please pray for wisdom and the right strategy for the government and military as they deal with these attacks. No one wants another war!

On the northern border on Tuesday, a Russian built Syrian plane crossed into Israeli airspace. After flying two kilometres into Israel, two surface to air Patriot missiles were launched against it. Though Israel acknowledged that the incident may have been caused by pilot error, the Israeli military had no choice but to enforce border security by bringing the plane down. The pilot was killed.

Israel also launched an attack Wednesday evening against a rocket launcher in Syria that had sent two projectiles inerrantly into Israel. Divers were searching for the missiles in the Sea of Galilee. Praise God there were no casualties and no damage.

The fighting from the Syrian civil war between the government forces and the rebels is happening very close to the Israeli border. Those living in that area can hear the daily bombings and see the smoke and fire. Needless to say, this situation is causing the military to be on full alert. Although the fighting is not directed at Israel, the spillover into Israel is causing tensions to be dramatically increased.

Please pray for the IDF as they must be incredibly diligent in protecting the border and discerning when to act. They hold the Syrian government Assad forces responsible for every incident that goes across the border.

Israel Assistance

On the positive side, the Israel army is constantly helping and aiding the Syrian civil war victims with hospital care set up at the border, aiding refugees to get to safe countries by allowing them protected passage through Israel and other humanitarian aid to those suffering as a result of the constant attacks on their villages. Many are seeing that Israel is not the enemy they have been fearing but a people who offer refuge and help. How different is the love of life and mankind that marks Israel and its army versus the death and destruction that marks the Islamic forces!

Another amazing development is that as Iran flexes its military muscles, there are nations that more and more are beginning to look at Israel as one who is able to stand and support them against Iran. This has developed in a clear way with Saudi Arabia. God is definitely on the move and we do feel we are on the edge of something new in this area.

Health and Healing

In addition to the tension and heaviness in the spirit due to the volatile borders, we are also facing a battle within. We have been warring in the spirit for the lives of several believers who have been fighting cancer and other life threatening illnesses during the same three year period since I was first diagnosed with the tumor in my brain. Several of them believed that they were healed as I did and have been attacked again recently.

We are sad to report that one beautiful young woman, Esther, 28 yrs old, went home to be with the Lord yesterday, finally free from her battle with cancer these three years. Her parents, Rick and Patti Ridings oversee the 24 hour prayer center known as Succat Hallel in Jerusalem. They and their family and Esther's husband and his family were valiant warriors and brought honor to the name of the Lord. Through Whats App, they kept everyone informed and had world wide prayer support each moment around the clock.

We are also interceding and praying for Yaacov Damkani, one of our foremost evangelists who has also been battling a heart illness for these last three years. He had his second surgery about three weeks ago. Although the doctors did not expect him to live through the surgery, his vital signs remain good although he is in a coma. Please pray for his healing and for his wife Elisheva, who is by his side.

In addition, please pray for Karen and Yonit who are also in a battle against cancer. Pray also for Jeurgen who has been cancer free, having experienced a supernatural healing at his first surgery 2½ years ago. His latest MRI showed something suspicious and he will be having another MRI soon. Please stand in agreement that there is no cancer in his body!

And of course please continue to pray for me as I walk through this current battle against the brain cancer which returned. I am receiving regular treatments once every two weeks. Please pray especially for the MRI on August 9. Let us agree that the cancer is gone by the power of the Holy Spirit. BY HIS STRIPES, WE ARE HEALED!

Cancer is certainly the plague of our age and our prayer in this day is to see the healing power of God be loosed! There is so much we don't understand but we know that God is our Healer and He is good!


As in almost every letter, I can never stop encouraging us to be bold in testifying to the life and goodness of Yeshua with everyone. Wherever I am, with people I know and those I do not know, I share the life of God.

The other day as we were driving out of our community, we saw a young woman, 30 yrs old who was walking with a cane and obviously had a stroke. We stopped and after speaking with her a few minutes and finding out a bit about her, she very happily accepted our prayers for her healing. We prayed in the name of Yeshua and told her of our faith. She was a friendly, kind person and we hope to be able to visit her in her home here on the moshav and bring a young Israeli believer with us.

Please pray for God to prepare her heart and for her healing. ONE PLANTS, ANOTHER WATERS, GOD BRINGS THE INCREASE!

In conclusion, with all of our hearts, we again say a giant "Thank You for your love, your support and all of your prayers for us. Though these days are not always easy and each day has its challenges, we press on to the high calling of the Lord that he has for us. We are eternally grateful for all of you and are encouraged daily!

To God be all the Glory!

We send you our love from Zion,

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