Zion's Glory Update
February 27 2015

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Dear Faithful Friend,

Israel is in the midst of elections that will have a profound impact on the future of this nation.

In a few weeks Israelis will go to the polls to elect another new government. Unlike Americans, Israelis vote for a political party and not for a candidate. The many political parties that are vying for the votes of the Israeli electorate go from the extreme left to the extreme right of the political spectrum. The Zionist Union which represents the left is in a tie with Likud which represents the right and the continuation of Netanyahu as Prime Minister.

In Israel, the economic situation is a continual source of great frustration among the people. Prices in Israel are completely out of balance with wages and although in most families both parents are working full time and more, it is very difficult to cover normal monthly living expenses. Added to this is the astronomically high price of real estate which makes it almost impossible for young couples to buy an apartment. A recent poll showed that 44% of the voters blame the Netanyahu government for the current situation. This reaction is strengthening the more liberal parties whose emphasis is a change in this economic reality.

Although many Israelis see the economy as the primary voting issue, the question of the future of the West Bank, the possible creation of a Palestinian State, the division of Jerusalem and the issue of Iran will be deeply impacted by the results of this election.

There is no easy answer for the nation. If Israel's citizens elect a right wing government with Netanyahu as Prime Minister, the government will continue to demand conditions that will protect Israel but be difficult for the Palestinian Authority to accept. This perceived "intransigence" by Israel will probably result in an intensifying wave of anti-Semitism, international boycotts and world isolation.

If Israel's voters choose the Zionist Union block which could move the nation towards a policy of submitting to world pressure and the creation of a Palestinian State, then there will be a likelihood of the Gaza War being played out again but on a much larger scale. Although a demilitarized state is one of the primary conditions for a future Palestine, Israel's ability to prevent the smuggling of large and advanced weapons into the new state would be all but impossible.

The decisions facing Israel are profound and complex. Please join us in praying for God's supernatural involvement in the coming elections that will be held on March 17th. He is the one who sets the governments of nations in place and he will surely respond to our intercession, as we pray for this nation that He so loves.


The second major issue before Israel at this time is Iran's relentless progress towards becoming a nuclear power. The impending agreement between the United States, other world powers and Iran is perceived by Netanyahu as deeply flawed and an open door for Iran's development of nuclear weapons which he considers an existential threat to Israel.

His concerns are not misplaced! Iran's leaders have repeatedly promised to destroy Israel. They have produced videos showing Israel's major cities being attacked by their ballistic missiles. They have proclaimed more times than can be numbered, openly and boldly that their goal is the destruction of the Jewish state. This nation has learned from its very difficult past that when world tyrants call for its annihilation, their threats cannot be ignored. Hitler also openly declared his desire to destroy the Jewish people - the world ignored it and six million were murdered. A nuclear Iran could accomplish this same thing, only this time not in six years but in six minutes!

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu will make an impassioned plea before the Congress as he presents his view of the current agreement. His willingness to continue on this path in spite of unusually virulent attacks against him only underscores his deep, personal conviction regarding this matter.

He and Winston Churchill are the only two international leaders to ever have had the privilege of addressing Congress three times and like Churchill, he will be calling on America to stand up against a dangerous and tyrannical nation that is not only threatening Israel but the entire free world.

Please pray for supernatural empowerment for the Prime Minister as he speaks on Tuesday. Pray that his words would be used by God to awaken America to the dangers of President Obama's current strategy with Iran. Please pray for protection as he travels.

It is also amazing that the Prime Minister is going before Congress a day before Purim to plead for Israel's protection from its enemies. It was on this day in Jewish history that the wicked Haman plotted the destruction of the Jewish people. The story, as told in the book of Esther, recalls how God intervened and how that planned attack was not only prevented but in the end destruction fell not on the Jews but on those who had plotted their demise. May it be so again in this day!

Please join us in praying that on this Purim we will see the hand of God exalted as once again this nation triumphs over those who would desire to destroy it.

The Fast of Esther

On this Wednesday, March 4, Revive Israel will be observing the Fast of Esther. We will be joining together with representatives of congregations throughout Israel to fast, pray and intercede for Israel and the nations. The entire event will be live-streamed with translation and you are invited to join us at Reviveisrael.org.

We so appreciate you standing with us.

We send you our love from Zion,

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